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Want List

We are looking for the following records in Excellent conditions:

A.D.L.122-Sentirete Ancora-Tuono 7"

A.D.L.122-La Notte Dei Regali-RTP (first pressing) red vinyl 7"

Bahnhof-February 82-Electric Eye-Tape

The Blood-False Gestures For A Devious Public-Noise (+ Inner Sleeve) LP

Bohse Onkelz-Der Nette Mann-Rock-O-Rama LP (original with poster, no counterfeit)

Bohse Onkelz-Mexico Rock-O-Rama MLP (original, no counterfeit)

Brutal Attack-Stronger Than Before-Rock-O-Rama LP

Brutal Attack-As The Drum Beats-Rock-O-Rama LP

Brutal Attack-Tales Of Glory-Rock-O-Rama LP

Brutal Attack-Steel Rolling On-Rock-O-Rama LP

Brutal Combat-Charles Martel-Rock-O-Rama LP

Brutal Combat-Peril Rouge-7"

Brutal Combat-Passe à l'Ouest-Rebelles Européens 7"

Bunker 84-Notre Combat-Rebelles Européens LP

Bunker 84-Vieux Continent-Rebelles Européens 7"

Bunker 84-Victime des Democraties-Rebelles Européens 7"

The Crack-In Search Of The Crack-Link LP

Endstufe-Glatzenparty-Rock-O-Rama LP

Evil Conduct-A Way Of Life-1st press on Street Wise recs.7"

Evil Skins-Dr.Skinhead-Intensive Prod.(original red sleeve) 7"

Evil Skins-Une Force, Une Cause, Un Combat-Evil LP

Gruesome-Armour & Greed-Original Japan 7"

Iron Cross-Skinhead Glory-Dischord (black or green vinyl) 7" (original - no bootleg)

Iron Cross-Hated & Proud EP-Greyhound 7" (original - no bootleg)

Hope and Glory-Senza Patria EP-Your Self Recs-7"

Kontatto Estremo-Il Nostro Mondo-Barracuda (yellow vinyl) 7"

Legion 88-Thulé-Rebelles Européens LP

Legion 88-Terroristes-Rebelles Européens (black or red sleeve) 7"

Legion 88-Legion Blanche-Rebelles Européens 7"

Legittima Offesa-Fratelli d'Italia-Barracuda (red, white, green or pink vinyl with insert) 7"

Nabat-Scenderemo Nelle Strade-C.A.S. 7" (original - no bootleg)

Nabat-Laida Bologna-C.A.S. 7"

Nabat-Un Altro Giorno Di Gloria-C.A.S. LP

Nouvelle Croisade-Tu Aimeras-Rebelles Européens 7"

Ovaltinees-British Justice EP (UK original 1st press.)-7"

Peggior Amico-Il Leone Ruggisce Ancora-Rebelles Européens LP

Peggior Amico-Colpevole Di Essere Bianco-Rebelles Européens 7"

Peggior Amico-Diritto Di Marciare-Rebelles Européens 7"

Plastic Surgery-Rivolta-Europa Recs 7"

Public Enemy-Englands Glory-Rock-O-Rama LP

Quick & The Dead-Another Violent Night-7" (Original with P/S)

Red Alert-Border Guards-UK 1st press. 7"

Rough-Torino E' La Mia Città-Meccano 7"

Skin Deep-Football Violence-Enemy 7" (original first press. black vinyl)

Skinkorps-Mr. Clean-Rebelles Européens LP (first press.)

Skrewdriver-You're So Dumb-Chiswick UK orange or green sleeve 7" (original - no bootleg)

Skrewdriver-You're So Dumb-Chiswick France orange sleeve 7"

Skrewdriver-Antisocial-UK Chiswick 7"

Skrewdriver-Antisocial-Chiswick / Barclay French 7"

Skrewdriver-Antisocial-Chiswick / Metronome Germany diff.sleeve 7"

Skrewdriver-Built Up Knocked Down-TJM 7" (original - no bootleg)

Skrewdriver-All Skrewed Up-Chiswick UK orange, green, yellow or pink/violet sleeve LP

Skrewdriver-All Skrewed Up-Chiswick / Metronome Germany yellow or green sleeve LP

Skrewdriver-All Skrewed Up-Chiswick France / Barclay orange sleeve LP

Skrewdriver-All Skrewed Up-Chiswick Netherlands / Ariola orange or yellow sleeve LP

Skrewdriver-Invasion-Rock-O-Rama 7" in P/S

Skrewdriver-Back With A Bang-B & B 12"

Skrewdriver-The Showdown-White Pride 7"

Skrewdriver-Hail The New Dawn-Rock-O-Rama LP (first press.)

Skrewdriver-Blood & Honour-Rock-O-Rama LP (first press.)

Skrewdriver-White Rider-Rock-O-Rama LP (first press.)

Skrewdriver-After The Fire-Rock-O-Rama LP (first press.)

Skrewdriver-Voice Of Britain-White Noise 7" (original - no bootleg)

Skrewdriver-White Power-White Noise 7" (original - no bootleg)

Subalpina Skinheads-Scendi Dalla Croce EP-Audioservice 7"

White Noise-The First Assault-Rock-O-Rama LP

VV.AA.-This Is The White Noise EP-White Noise 7" (orginal - no bootleg)

VV.AA.-Skin e Punks = TNT EP-C.A.S 7"

VV.AA.-Quelli Che Urlano Ancora-C.A.S LP (original - no bootleg)


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