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LP Mistreat "10 Years Anniversary Live 1998"
12" The Wrongdoers "Always Loyal Always True"
LP Hated and Proud "American Blood"
LP Moonstomp "They Never See"
LP Bound For Glory "Hate Train Rolling"
LP Bound For Glory "Last Act of Defiance"
LP Storm "Hell Seger"
LP Guttersnipe Army "Never Die"
LP Battle Axe "Self Defense"
LP Midtown Bootboys "The Time Has Come"
LP Chingford Attack "Reds Better Run When We're on the Attack"
LP Mistreat "Faith and Fury"
LP Colditz "Colditz"
7" Reconquesta "Gloria"
7" New Dawn "A New Dawn Awaits Us"
7" Fides Skins "Fides Skins EP"
LP Skrewdriver "Studio Demos 1985 (red vinyl)"
7" Onda Nera "Nato Skinhead"
7" Generation X "Todo Estas La Cosas EP"
7" Arjuna "Primer Manifiesto de Guerra"
7" Dead Nation "Hate Crew"
7" Gladius "Pasion Argentina"
LP Lemovice "Le Front des Patriotes"
12" King's Cross "Break The Silence"
LP Kill Baby, Kill! "Give Back The Oi!..."
LP Bandeira De Combate & Kill Baby, Kill! "Rocking In São Paulo Rolling In Brazil"
LP Ramzes & The Hooligans "Git Rock"
LP Ramzes & The Hooligans "Trzecia Polowa"
LP Mistreat "Never Forgive... Never Forget"
LP Ultime Assault "Ultime Tèmoinage: Démo et Répètes"
7" Stanley "Overtight Oi!"
LP Close Shave "Oi! Kinnock Give Us Back Our Rose"
LP Rival "Take it Back"
LP Brutal Attack "Everything Changes Now"
7" Kareliaani "Suomalainen Sisu"
7" Aggroknuckle / Fehér Törvény "Split EP"
7" Ultima Thule "Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå"
7" No Shame "Trouble"
7" Ultima Thule "Sverige, Sverige Fosterland (30 yr edition)"
LP Ultima Thule "Yggdrasil (Picture Disc)"
LP Ultima Thule "Korpkvädet  (Re. )"
LP Ultima Thule  "Vikingabalk (Re.)"
LP Ultima Thule  "Resa Utan Slut (Re. )"
LP Headcase "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

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