Latest Vinyl Additions


LP Knock Off "Like a Kick in the Head"
LP Knock Off "This Is Who We Are. This Is What We Do"
LP Knock Off "Same Shit Different City"
LP The Angry Agenda "Here Comes Trouble"
LP V.A. "Oi! Ain‘t Dead 6"
LP Combat 84 "Send in the Marines (Re. red vinyl)"
LP East End Badoes "A Punk Rock Sound with an East End Beat"
7" Jack The Lad "Av It! (blue)"
LP Chelsea "Chelsea"
LP  Doc Evil / Strong Blossom "Japan vs Australia"
LP  Doc Evil / Strong Blossom "Japan vs Australia (white)"
7" Vapaudenristi / Pylvanainen "Vapaudenristi / Pylvanainen"
LP The Warriors " Lucky Seven"
LP Broken Heroes "Make Oi! Great Again"
7" Last Stand "Fighting For Survival"
12" Ultima Thule "Vinslag"
12" Ultima Thule "Faederneslandet"
7" Ultima Thule feat: Bedårande Barn "Spegelbild"
7" Ultima Thule "Jämtlandssången"
7" Larry Noseman "Short Hair, Sideburns, Bovver Boots"
7" Buzz Off! "Buzz Off!"
LP B-Squadron "Sons of Tigers"
12" Queensbury Rules "The Shieldwall EP"
7" Janus "Lo Nero Metallo Nostro"
LP Heldenschwert "Vorwaerts Germania"
2LP Lunikoff "Ebola im Jobcenter"
LP Macht & Ehre "Schweigen ist Gold"
LP Brutal Attack "21 Rockers"
12" Sons of Liberty "Streetbeater"
12" Sons of Liberty "Streetbeater" (grey)
12" Butcher's Nail "North American Standoff"
LP Kriegs Legion "Awaken the Iron"
LP The Crack "All Cracked Up - The Demos and Rarities"
LP Criminal Class "A Touch Of Class (The Oi! Collection)"
LP Stars And Stripes "Shaved For Battle"
LP Another Man's Poison "Oi! Discography Volume 1"
LP A.B.H. "The Oi! Collection"
7" Shockin' T.V. / Tiratura Limitata "Milano 1983"
7" Crowbar "Hippie Punks"
7" A.B.H. "Don't Mess With The SAS"
7" Antisocial "Made in England"
7" Criminal Class "Fighting The System (re.)"
LP Bltzkrieg "Das Letzte Bollwerk"
LP  Dead Boys "Down In Flames (Live San Francisco 1977)"
2LP Enharjarna "The Great Heathen Army"
12" The Wrongdoers "Always Loyal Always True"
LP Hated and Proud "American Blood"
LP Moonstomp "They Never See"
LP Bound For Glory "Hate Train Rolling (picture)"
LP Bound For Glory "Last Act of Defiance (picture)"
LP Storm "Hell Seger"
LP Guttersnipe Army "Never Die"

LP Headcase "Satisfaction Guaranteed"
LP Malnatt "Gli Anni del Demonio (black vinyl)"
LP Malnatt "Gli Anni del Demonio (green vinyl)"
LP Malnatt "Gli Anni del Demonio (blue vinyl)"
LP Malnatt "Gli Anni del Demonio (clear vinyl)"
LP 4 Skins "The Wonderful World Of The...(red vinyl)"
LP 4 Skins "The Wonderful World Of The...(yellow vinyl)"
7" Boot Party "Tanks EP (green vinyl)"
LP Peggior Amico "Il Leone Ruggisce Ancora"
LP T.M.F. / Tollschock "Tattooed, Pissed and Proud"
LP The Hawks "A Heart of Gold"
LP Youth Defense League "Voice of Brooklyn"
LP Aggroknuckle "Violent Action"
LP Blood Red Eagle / Aggroknuckle "Aussie Japanese Friendship"
LP Aggroknuckle "Battle Dressed In Black"
LP Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten "Willkommen Liebe Mörder"
7" Battle Scarred "Punk Rock High"
LP Bunker 84 "Liberté (picture disc)"
LP Para Elite "Push On" (black vinyl)
LP Para Elite "Push On" (red vinyl)
LP V.A. "Boots On The Street 2" (turquoise vinyl)
LP Incivili "The Complete Collection"
LP Stealers "Street Law"
LP Nahkampf / Schwarzer Orden "Ehre, Freiheit, Vaterland"
LP Midtown Bootboys "The Time Has Come"
7" United Changers "Ever Skinhead"
LP No Quarter "For Crown & Country"
LP Action Dissidente "Inédits Démos et Plus..."
LP Punk Front "Der Zweite Streich"
7" Combate 49 "Puro Poder"
LP Vapaudenristi "Ikuinen Kuolema"
LP Retaliator "Order of Chaos"
LP Stato Asociale "Grezzo, Stupido & Cattivo (black vinyl)"
LP Stato Asociale "Grezzo, Stupido & Cattivo (red vinyl)"
LP Stato Asociale "Grezzo, Stupido & Cattivo (orange vinyl)"
LP Brutal Combat "Charles Martel (picture disc)"
LP Skrewdriver "Warlord (picture disc)"
LP Skrewdriver "The Strong Survive (picture disc)"
LP Skrewdriver "Freedom What Freedom (picture disc)"
LP Force D'Impact "Division Charlemagne"
LP Sleipnir "Totgesagte Leben Laenger"
LP I.C.1 "Based on a True Story (picture disc)"
7" Kriegs Legion "The Anti-State War Machine"
7" Working Poor U.S.A. "Working Poor"
7" Yesterday's Heroes "La Llama que Nunca se Apaga"
LP Reconquesta "Recupera el Que et Pertany"
12" Orgullo Sur / Nessuna Resa "Guerreros Rurales / Le Scelte"
12" First Assault "Final Stand"
2x7" Snix "Au Tous Raison + Quand le Soleil se Leverà"
7" Brainwash "Save Our Kind Defend Europe + CD"
LP Ultima Thule "Trägen Vinner"
LP Skinfull "The Final Invasion (Live In NYC)"
LP Section 5 "We Won't Change "
LP Condemned 84 "Singles Collection"
LP Condemned 84 "Face The Aggression"
LP Bakers Dozen "Vilified (Clear)"
LP Bakers Dozen "Vilified (Yellow)"
LP Ultima Thule "The Best Of vol.2"
LP Noi!ze Gang Cover Band "Chaos in Poland"
LP Legittima Offesa "Rivolta Oi!" (black)
LP Legittima Offesa "Rivolta Oi!" (yellow)
LP Legittima Offesa "Rivolta Oi!" (green)

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