Latest Additions to the CD List


CD Sachsonia "Achtzehn"
CD Musigkruppe "Lieder Die Das Leben Schrob!"
CD Bataillon 500 - Heldenopfer
CD Sturm 5 / SKD "Helden Für Deutschland"
CD Mistreat / Bound For Glory "Beer Bottles & Hockey Sticks"
CD Westfalensturm "Deutsche Skinheads"
CD Handstreich "Leben In Terrorgefahr"
CD Blutlinie "Verkommener Zeitgeist"
CD Nordvolk "Volk Auf Knien"
CD Legion of St George "Paid in Blood"
CD Fortress "Brothers of the Storm"
CD Rahowa "Ueberfolk"
CD Bullets "Irriverente"
CD Figli Venuti Male "Sulle Nostre Mura"
CD Jack The Lad "British Classics"
CD East End Badoes "A Punk Rock Sound with an East End Beat"
CD Ravnebanner "Ravnebanner"
CD Mistreat "Heartless Bastards"
CD Genocide Wolves "No Fucking Tolerance!"
CD Mistreat "Battle Cry"
CD Mistreat "Unfinished Business"
2CD Vapaudenristi "2007-2012"
CD Vapaudenristi / Uskonrauha "Vapaudenristi / Uskonrauha"
CD Vapaudenristi / Pagan Skull "Taistelusta Taisteluun"
CD Vapaudenristi "Ei Maata Ilman Kansaa"
CD Johnny Asbo & the Young Guns "Never Mind the Bullshit... ...Heres the Facts!"
MCD Cycle Of Violence "Never Bow Down"
CD Uwocaust und RAConquista "Kaltblütig"
CD White Resistance "Nicht In Diesem Leben"
CD Non Plus Ultra "Non Plus Ultra"
CD Gesta Bellica / Sumbu Brothers "Sumbu vs Gesta / Gesta vs Sumbu"
CD Top Dog "Top Dog"
CD Zero 1 "A Country Fit For Zeros"
CD Kicker Boys "Kicker Boys"
CD Blastmat "Broke Life, Working Class"
MCD Ultima Thule "Vinslag"
MCD Ultima Thule "Faederneslandet"
MCD Buzz Off! "Buzz Off!"
CD Kill Baby, Kill! "Burn In Hell / PC Is Not For Me"
CD Legittima Offesa "Tra Nebbia e Rancore"
CD Bronson "Brucia"
CD Skoll "D'Annunzio"
CD Fantasmi del Passato "Finis Terrae"
CD Ultimium "Svegliati Europa"
CD Ultra Sur "Nacido Para Ser Skin"
CD The Skumfederates "The Genocide Recordings"
CD Brigade 88 "Flamme Der Freiheit"
CD Sturmrebellen "Kampfgeschlecht"
CD Weisse Wolfe "In Resistentia Constans"
CD Weisse Wolfe "In Resistentia Constans 2"
CD Légitime Violence "Defends"
CD Volksgemurmel "1312 - Keiner Mag Die Bullerei!"
CD Volksgemurmel "1312 - Keiner Mag Die Bullerei!" Digipak
CD No Quarter "Live & Loud / No Sleep Till Digbeth"
CD Bakers Dozen "Boots, Braces and B Sides"
CD Brassknuckle "Skinhead 82"
CD Queensbury Rules "Bristol Elite"
CD Blackball "Never Regret"
CD Topi Neri "Inarrestable e.."
CD Para Elite "Battle Cry Anthems"
CD Kriegs Legion "Awaken the Iron"
MCD Stahlwerk "Die Erste und die Letzte"
CD 1a Vanguardia "R.A.C. & Oi!"
CD Skrewdriver "All Skrewed Up"
CD Pitbullfarm "Too Old To Die Young"
CD Moshpit "An Eternal Torch Can Light a Million"
CD Brutal Attack "21 Rockers"

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